Have a Competitive Kid? Then the Junior Olympiad Competition Is For You

Have a Competitive Kid? Then the Junior Olympiad Competition Is For You

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by: Smart Coos


After proposing the question, “Are you a Fitness Mom/Dad that works out with your kids?”, we were pleased to receive a submission about Lake Lure Olympiad.

Lake Lure Olympiad is a three-day sports festival located in scenic Lake Lure, North Carolina. It’s most well known for its “Three Races in Three Days” challenge, but one of its best-kept secrets is the Junior Olympiad, which gives kids the chance to compete, earn medals and have as much fun being active as their parents. It’s truly a family-friendly weekend that encourages fitness, ambition and best of all, self-esteem in children, all along the shores of Lake Lure and the peaks of Chimney Rock State Park! 

On the night of Friday, August 14th, the opening ceremonies start at 6 pm and include really exciting, fun and family-friendly events. Some of these events include the lighting of the torch, a tasty beach BBQ, and a spectacular water-ski show!

The Junior Olympiad then begins on the beach of Rumbling Bald Resort on Saturday, August 15th from 9 am-11 am and is $10 per child (ages 4-14). There will never be a dull moment as the days are packed with energized and exciting events like an obstacle course, basketball shoot, 40-yard dash, standing broad jump, soccer kicks and many other games. The Junior Olympiad is sure to be a blast!

Every year, the Lake Lure Olympiad attracts tons of parents who bring their kids who are equally as excited.  Leah Schram and daughter Lilly compete together annually in the 2 Mile Couch to Cart Path Run.

See a breakdown of all the fun events that will take place during this spectacular weekend.

 DAY 1: Friday, August 14th (9am – 11am) 2012-Lake-Lure-Olympiad

Lighting of the Torch

The Lake Lure Olympiad’s signature Lighting of the Torch always brings a lump to the throat and a swell of pride as the National Anthem is played. Many thanks to Lake Lure Olympiad Co­Founder Doug Long for lighting the 2014 Olympiad torch.


Tasty Beach BBQ

A traditional southern­style barbecue complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. Later that evening, enjoy FREE ice cream sundaes on the Beach at Rumbling Bald Resort at Lake Lure!


Spectacular Water­Ski Show

Get energized as you watch the dynamic Lake Lure Ski Club perform high­flying wakeboard flips, ski pyramids, water ballet, barefoot skiing and more at the Lake Lure Olympiad’s Opening Ceremonies. Come and be wowed! www.lakelureskiclub.com


After an exciting first day, the second day is even more exciting!


DAY 2: Saturday, August 15th (9am – 11am)

Events include:

Obstacle Course

A fun and easy timed skill event of running, jumping, climbing, sliding and crawling through a series of obstacles. A must for any competitive lad or lass!


Basketball Shoot

Sink as many of your 10 shots as possible. A standard height hoop used for older kids (8 years and up) and lower height hoop for younger kids. Ties broken by shoot­off.


Baseball Throw

See how many baseballs you can throw through the target!


40­Yard Dash

What else? A race against the clock!


Standing Broad Jump

See how far you can jump from a standing position.


Soccer Kicks

How many goals can you score? Test your soccer skills and see.




Games (frozen t-­shirts, water balloons, limbo, sack races,hula hoop) and a medals ceremony


Contributed by Katie Gladstone

More Information

Website link: http://www.lakelureolympiad.com/junior-olympiad.html

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2O3lbV-Zj8ENDBVe0Sij3w

Events Schedule: http://www.lakelureolympiad.com/uploads/4/7/4/0/47408331/2015-llo-schedule.gif

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lakelureolympiad

Email address: lakelureoympiad@gmail.com

Media contact: jordan@mcconnellgroup.biz

 Lake Lure Olympiad, North Carolina

2013 Jr Olympiad

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