Kathryn Lagden: Weighted planks the natural way

Kathryn Lagden: Weighted planks the natural way

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by: Smart Coos


Kathryn Lagden: Weighted planks the natural way


Kathryn Lagden is a part-time WAHM (work at home mom) and co-creator of Burlington Parents, a website to share family-focused events and activities in Burlington, Ontario.

Kathryn loves working out! She was so excited to share some of her adventures of working out with her kids with us.


How did you get your kids interested in working out?

I’m a mom that loved her solo workouts before the kids woke up. Then my 2 year old started getting up at 5:30am and the schedule had to change. My 5 year old has also been waking earlier as well. Now I do my basement bootcamp routine with the kids.

Was it hard adjusting to working out with your kids?

At first I found it really frustrating but now I kind of enjoy it. I often have to stop to retrieve a toy, wipe a nose, or settle an argument, but I love that I’m leading by example and hopefully passing on the importance of fitness.


What is your favorite workout to do with your children?

My 2 year old often lays on my back while I’m holding plank or doing pushups, so I figure the extra weight balances out the interruptions.


How often do you work out together?

We work out almost every day, I used to do 3 times a week but the shorter duration more frequently works better with the kids.


Do the kids have a favorite workout?

They love unrolling the mats and my 5 year old loves the supine bicycle move.


It is evident how passionate you are about working out as a family. What advice would you offer parents interested in implementing a family workout routine of their own?

I really believe it’s important to just start and just do the best you can. Don’t expect to get through a workout without having to stop and help the kids, just get started and do what you can. It’s better than not doing it at all and you’re setting a great example of how to incorporate fitness. Hopefully they get used to the routine and everyone starts enjoying the group fitness time together!

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