How to Start Baby Signing

How to Start Baby Signing

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by Smart Coos Editorial Staff

How To Start Baby Signing: 5 Simple Tips

Have you ever spent countless hours trying to figure out what is wrong with your baby? The lack of communication between you and your little one can be one of the most frustrating things about parenthood.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your baby could just tell you what was wrong?

This seems impossible, but babies can start communicating with you through baby sign as early as six months! It is not just a wild dream – it is a reality.

Think about it: babies start to hold out their arms to tell you to pick them up. They learn to shake their head yes and no. They start waving goodbye. Babies are incredibly smart and we don’t give them enough credit. The hardware to communicate and baby sign are there—just a little push is needed to bring it out.

Below, we have listed 5 simple tips to start baby signing:


Start connecting actions with signs as early as possible. It won’t click at first, but this will hold babies’ attention. Your baby will pay attention to the signs and begin to pick them up. And when it finally does click, your sweet baby will already have many signs stored in his or her memory.


The more enthusiastic you are, the more your baby will pay attention, and the faster he or she will start signing. Try whenever you can to enthusiastically use baby signs so your baby really gets it.


Don’t use complicated signs. The more complex they are, the harder it will be for you and your baby to remember and use them.


Use your baby signs often. The more chances your baby has to see you using signs, the faster he or she will pick them up.


When your baby does start using your baby signs, be sure to encourage and reward them. Being rewarded will make your baby more inclined and excited to continue to sign.

Print out a copy of the Smart Coos Baby Sign Language Chart, hand it out to your friends and family, and as a family start your journey to communicating with your baby today.

Contributed to by Carol Glover 

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