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by: Smart Coos


Teri Head shot

Teri Gault, the CEO of The Grocery Game, is a mom of two and as she playfully calls herself a “grammy”. She enjoys making fun and healthy meals with her granddaughter.

Teri says, “There’s no convincing kids to try something new or something they don’t 
think they’ll like. The key is to do it together. Have fun! Play music. Dance in the kitchen, and let the kids get their hands in it! They WILL want to try their own creations!!”

“GRAMMY’S” FUN IN THE KITCHEN guide is below (all tried and true with her two sons):

1) NAME IT AFTER A FAVORITE BOOK, and then let them build it. Kids can spread a tasty dip on a rice cake and decorate it with chopped veggies and grated carrots. Any kid knows this is “Peter Rabbit Pizza”!

2) KIDS MAKE IT – Peanut butter on celery sticks might be boring. Give them raisins and let them put the ants on the log, and they’ll enjoy eating their fun creation.

3) GIVE IT A FUN NAME. Fruit and yogurt may not be so appealing, but call it “Strawberries in a Cloud”, and now you’ve got something fun to eat!

4) MAKE IT “FANCY” – Kids feel like it’s special when it’s “fancy.”Served in a fancy goblet, wine glass or with a doily is an easy way to dress it up. Be creative. Make it fun. Make it their own, and kids will enjoy healthy snacks.

5) BABIES LOVE TO DANCE, TOUCH AND WATCH – Teri can’t wait to do all of the above with her granddaughter, who is 15 months, when she’s older. In the meantime, Teri puts Hope Elizabeth, her granddaughter, in her high chair in the kitchen, plays big band/swing music, and Hope gets to watch Grammy cut up the tofu and broccoli. Hope also gets to try her hand at cutting tofu and cooked veggies, or anything soft with a non serrated plastic knife. Hope does a lot of watching, talking, and touching.

For breakfast, Hope cuts her banana, and gets to hold an egg, and then watch Grammy crack the egg into a bowl right on the high chair tray, and watch her whisk it up then pour it in the pan. Magically, that runny egg turns into scrambled eggs that she’ll gobble up every time! Hope loves to try new foods, especially when she gets to “help” make it.


Here is Hope’s favorite recipe:

Peter Rabbit Pizza 2

Tofu Broccoli Stir Fry (baby’s finger food) –

  • Broccoli or any other veggies (steamed ahead of time)
  • Firm Tofu
  • Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids or Soy Sauce

In a non-stick pan, stir fry bite-sized cubes of firm tofu and pre-steamed broccoli in a little olive oil. Before serving, toss in Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids for seasoning (or Hope likes a little low sodium soy sauce or sea salt).

Have your baby or kid in the kitchen in the high chair, participating and watching as described above with as many steps as possible! Let them touch it before you cut it up, and before you stir fry it. Talk about it. Talk about the colors and what it feels like when the tofu is cold and in a block.

If they participate, they will EAT it! You can also add carrots or other favorite veggies, steamed in advance as well.

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