Janis B. Meredith: Mother of Sports

Janis B. Meredith: Mother of Sports

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by Smart Coos

Janis B. Meredith: Mother of Sports

FEATURE PHOTO- Janis Meredith

     Sports-enthusiast, blogger, mother—these are just a few terms that can be used to describe Janis B. Meredith. As a wife of a sports coach for 28 years, she has become more than expert on the world of sports and youth, and this inspired her to create her own blog called JBM Thinks. Along with her blog, she has authorized the Sports Parenting Survivals Guide Series and launched a bi-weekly podcast for sports parents. This mom isn’t afraid to use social media platforms to spread her message and voice her opinion as you can find her on Facebook and Twitter too.



What was the inspiration behind your blog/ page? Why have you continued?

As a coach’s wife for 28 years, a sports mom for 21, and now a coach’s mom, I’ve experienced the youth sports life from both sides of the bench and want to help sports parents make youth sports a positive and growing experience for their kids.

How many kids do you have? What is the age of your youngest and oldest? If more than one, did you plan to have that age gap?

Three kids: ages 21,24,27. All played sports from pre-school through college. Yes, we tried our best to get them three years apart…we were only a few months off either way.

What is your fondest memory as a mother? Your not so fondest memory? Why?

I believe my fondest memories are still happening! My kids are awesome, and I love to be around them as adults. They are fun, communicative, and love God, and we are good friends with them. I love this age! The hardest part of parenting is the emotional stress and worry.

How does motherhood influence your blog? Your business decisions?

I am writing about a life that I lived for 28 years–as a coach’s wife and sports mom–and am still living as my daughter coaches. Other than that, motherhood doesn’t really affect what I do because my kids are out of the house. However, there are times (because they live nearby) that an emergency arises, or when they need me that I will drop my work and help them. When my oldest spent a week in the hospital with viral meningitis over a year ago, I took my computer with me and worked by her bedside as she laid in the hospital. Have computer, will travel!

If you could tell a new mother ONE thing and only one thing what would it be?

Laugh with your kids every day. (I’m sure you get enough parental advice from everyone else!)

Tell us about your Sports Parents Guide. Did you enjoy working on it?

My Sports Parenting Guides are a series of 7 Survival Guides for moms, coach’s wives, parents of children athletes, and parents of teen athletes. Also, I have a bi-weekly podcast, a weekly YouTube video clip, and a one-hour course on Navigating Youth Sports Politics. I have much more in the works, including two courses for coaches and leagues to use in educating sports parents about positive sports parenting.

What does the future look like for you, your family and your business?

Hmmm….I can tell you that I will continue to spread the invitation to sports parents to be a part of the positive sports parenting tribe for as long as I can, but other than that, I have no crystal ball!

Twitter: @jbmthinks Link: http://jbmthinks.com/ Contact: sportsparents@jbmthinks.com
Also, you can find her on Facebook.

Janis B. Meredith: Mother of Sports
Janis B. Meredith: Mother of Sports

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