James Oliver, Jr: World’s Cutest Twins!

James Oliver, Jr: World’s Cutest Twins!

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by Smart Coos

James Oliver, Jr: World’s Cutest Twins!


FEATURE PHOTO-James Oliver, Jr     James Oliver, Jr. is Co-Founder of the world’s cutest twins. He is a tech entrepreneur who completed a startup accelerator and successfully raised private investment capital to start WeMontage, the world’s only website that lets you turn your photos into large collages on removable wallpaper. This inspiring dad also works as a parent-entrepreneur advocate via trepLifeDad.com.


     Recently, we had the pleasure to sit down with James for an interview. We wanted to learn more about him and the cutest twins!

What was the inspiration behind you starting your business? Why have you continued?
I was watching an HGTV interior design show in which they were covering a whole wall with beautiful photos. There was no way to do it, so I created WeMontage.

How many kids do you have? What is the age of your youngest and oldest? If more than one, did you plan to have that age gap?

My twins are two years old.

What is your fondest memory as a father? Your not so fondest memory? Why?

The coolest thing is picking the kids up from daycare; they come running yelling, “DADDY DADDY!” The hardest thing was their birth. We had to deliver them three months early and they only weighed two pounds. We spent a lot of time in the NICU; it was a difficult period. Thankfully, they are well now though.

How does fatherhood influence your work? Your business decisions?

I don’t know if it does influence me much. I am naturally driven. I do, however, want to be an example to my kids of what’s possible when you choose to live a purpose-driven life fueled by your passion.

If you could tell a new father ONE thing and only one thing what would it be?

Be patient with yourself-everything is going to be ok.

From your businesses inception what has been the most rewarding part? 

Bringing my idea to life, completing a tech startup accelerator and raising investment capital for the business. Plus I love the amazing customer testimonial emails and photos I get.

What was a major challenge that you encountered? Did you overcome that challenge?

The business ran out of cash and I had to come home and be the primary caregiver of the twins, all while trying to turn the business around, which I did and raised another round of capital.

If you could add one aspect to your business today that you currently do not have in place, what would it be?

Brand awareness. I created an entirely new category that no one is looking for because they don’t even know it exists. Credible national PR helps the business…a lot-we were twice featured on the TODAY Show. This is why I’m trying to get on Shark Tank.

If you could get a deal with one shark on Shark Tank which one would it be? Why?

Mark Cuban. All day. Because he is a BOSS and he respects entrepreneurs and their hustle.

What does the future look like for you, your family and your business?

Before I wake up and go to bed, I silently affirm the following:

  • I am a great dad for the twins.
  • I am a great husband.
  • I am a creative, spiritual being.
  • WeMontage is wildly successful.
  • WeMontage will be acquired for $25 million to $50 million in the next 18-months.


Twitter: @WeMontage Link https://wemontage.com/

Contact: james@wemontage.com
Also, you can find him on Facebook.

James Oliver, Jr: World's Cutest Twins!
James Oliver, Jr: World’s Cutest Twins!

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