Becky Morales: Kid World Citizen

Becky Morales: Kid World Citizen

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by: Smart Coos

Becky Morales: Kid World Citizen



Becky Morales, Kid World Citizen. Becky Morales is the mother of 5 multicultural and bilingual kids ages 1-10, through birth and adoption. Using her background as a teacher, Becky teaches her kids about world cultures and geography through books, cooking, activities, and family travel. She helps parents and teachers teach their kids about the world!

Recently, we sat down with Becky Morales for an interview about her amazing journey as a dedicated parent and a business owner.

What was the inspiration behind your blog/page and shows that you do for kids? Why have you continued? I began this web site to instill pride in my children’s heritages (Mexico, China, Ethiopia, US). We had so much fun exploring cultures that we decided not to limit it to our own backgrounds, but instead learn about people and places around the world.

How many kids do you have? What is the age of your youngest and oldest? If more than one, did you plan to have that age gap?
We have 5 kids. My oldest two are 10 (Tonito is my son adopted from China, and Vivi is my biological daughter), and my middle two are 7 (Maya is my younger biological daughter and Ricky is my son adopted from Ethiopia), and we are fostering a 20 month old who we hope to adopt soon:). We did NOT plan to have two sets of virtual twins, but we are so happy with all of our kids.

What is your fondest memory as a mother? Your not so fondest memory? Why?
Each child entered our family through a different path, and the first days I met each of my kids (whether they were newborns or 3 years old) are my favorite memories. At the same time, I hold their birth families in my heart because I grieve their loss and the circumstances that led to their adoptions.

How does motherhood influence your blog/page? Your business decisions?
All of the activities, crafts, books, travel experiences, etc I write about on my blog, I first did with my children. If an idea falls flat, a recipe doesn’t work, or the kids are bored, I simply don’t put it up. My kids inspire me to create dynamic activities that teach them about the world while having fun. As far as running a business, my work is scheduled around my family. During the school year, I put up more content, am on top of social media, and am networking for conferences and speaking opportunities. In the summer, I move much more slowly on the business side, so I can spend time enjoying their free time with them.

If you could tell a new mother ONE thing and only one thing what would it be?
I know everyone says this, but that’s only because it is so true: life goes by so fast. Why is it that the hour before dinner waiting for my husband to come home used to go by so slowly, but when I blink, my big kids are already going into 5th grade!? Relish in the chaos, be present for what’s important to your kids, and don’t be hard on yourself for letting your house go a bit. Your kids will remember the time you helped them catch tadpoles, and dirty dishes and dust bunnies can wait.

I can tell you love to learn about different countries and cultures! Is there a specific culture that has TeamMorales_WholeFamilyinspired you? Why?
I am going to have to name the cultures in our family as my favorite:)- Mexico, China, and Ethiopia. Spanning 3 continents, in some ways they are as different as can be. But the truth is, we have fallen in love with all 3 cultures and their warm people, incredibly delicious cuisines, and their fascinating histories.

What does the future look like for you, your family and your business?
I am just about to complete a huge re-design of my site, which will now include 2 major sections: 1) Education and 2) Travel. I also have some ebooks I have been working on and hope to finish within the next year. As a family, we are so excited to do a nice road trip across Europe this summer, and finalize the adoption of our foster son too:).


If you want to find out more about the educational activities that Becky has used in her classroom and at home with her 4 children to increase global and cultural awareness, check out her website or shoot her an email.  


Twitter: @kidworldcitizen  Link:


Also, you can find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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