Black Friday/ Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales FOR KIDS

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales FOR KIDS

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This year we have some exciting deals that would be perfect gifts for kids, family, and friends! Check out our list and take advantage of these awesome deals.

Robo Wunderkind

Fun colourful coding blocks for kids of all ages as it grows in complexity. It’s compatible with other toys such as LEGO meaning it actually has longevity and promotes children utilizing toys they already have rather than having a wasteful attitude of getting a new toy and ignoring all of their old ones.

Over 200 schools also use it so you know your child isn’t just playing with another toy and actually allows kids speaking different languages to play together. Check out Robo Wunderkind.

Reduced pricing Nov 25th – Dec 15th before it goes back to normal prices

  • Starter Kit (£139/$149/€149)
  • Education Kit (£189/$199/€199)
  • Advanced Kit (£119/$129/€129)

Speech Blubs

This is an exciting gift idea for tech savvy moms and dads who are searching for smart screen solution for their toddlers! I think it could be a perfect fit for your Cyber Monday!

Speech Blubs is an interactive educational activity for kids and parents who want to spend quality time together and have a smart screen option at their fingertips. It boosts language development, vocabulary and brings joy to little children. It is available in English and Spanish.

*Our app will teach your kid:*

– to say mommy & daddy

– to say their first words

– to count from 1 to 20

– to recognize different colors and shapes

– to understand basic emotions

– to put words together

If you want to try the sample, here is the promo code for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). When you download the app, just make sure you don’t enter the free trial before you input the code.

Download Speech Blubs at Available for iOS and Android.


Looking for a fun, unique holiday stocking stuffer for kids?

I’d like to introduce you to The tubbubble®, *a Bath Play Line Made with Natural Ingredients. *This fun bath playline turns every bath into an imaginative and exciting experience for kids.

The tubbubble® Products include:

Bath Volcano: A pyramid-shaped package that when snipped and dipped in water, erupts with foam and crackling sounds while turning the water a light orange color.
Bubble Bath Pouch: make
fun popping sounds while turning the water a light green color

Bath Bubble Bath Pouch: A fleece cloth-like pouch that foams and releases bubbles when squeezed and makes the water a light red color while it moisturizes and cleans.
The Foaming Bath Pebbles: Comes in a tube-shaped package creating a foam cascade when you dip the
open wrapper under water.


Black Friday is a week away and gaming gear leader HyperX is gearing up for some incredible promotions of up to 50% off.

For the avid gaming to console-obsessed children on your list, HyperX is offering a range of deals on its gaming peripherals from a range of retailers and etailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft, Office Depot, Target and Walmart. Following are a few top HyperX deals you don’t want to miss:

ProductOriginal Price
Promo Price
ChargePlay Duo – PS4$29.99
ChargePlay Duo – Xbox$29.99
ChargePlay Quad
Alloy Elite RGB – Blue Switch

To view an expanded list visit HyperX:

QuadCast microphone

[Price: $99.99 (29% off)]

Pulsefire Surge 

[Price: $39.99 (27% off)]
Cloud Flight wireless

[Price: $79.99 (43% off)]

Assortment of Products

We realized in today’s era. There are not just companies solely representing themselves, but we belong to a generation where gig workers and freelancers are rising. We had some recommendations from a GigWorker affiliate AND we loved it so much we decided to add them to our list.

Here is a list of their Top 3 Items:

Black Friday Deal
Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Slim Gaming Console :
– Newer and Lighter PS4 Console
– Includes Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller
– Storage Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB
– High Definition Blu-Ray and DVD Video Content

[Price: $290.00]

Smart Coos Black Friday Sale
Nikon COOLPIX B500 Black 16MP :
A whole bundle of Nikon COOLPIX B500 BLACK Digital CameraCompact Deluxe Gadget and Accessories

[Price: $279.00]

LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari Ultimate Garage 75889 Building Kit (841
Playsets are compatible with all LEGO
construction sets for creative building

[Price: $161.13]

General Products for Family/ Parents

Traveling over the holidays can get expensive, and quickly. For Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019, check out Glamping Hub’s vacation rentals and travel offers!

For every gift card purchased, an additional 20% will be added onto the gift card. This deal will be live on their website from 11/28-12/4, and gift cards have a one-year validity.

Travel Deals Black Friday 2019 / Cyber Monday Deals

Storm Packs

Storm Packs is essential for every parent as they help add a measure of security and peace in the midst of the chaos of being a parent!

Whether it is home along with kids in a storm, on a long road trip, or just the average slip and fall, you will always be glad you had your Storm Pack!


Now this one is specifically targeting the modern-day on the go women. Women with an active lifestyle.

Origamei creates packable wrinkle-resistant clothing for women! Empower women so they can worry less about clothing and really focus on what else matters!

Each dress comes with a built-in pouch that packs the dress away snuggly. The pouch also comes with an accessories pouch so you can fit any accessories for that dress/attire. It’s perfect for women who need to pack for multiple events in a day.

Stella Stark Art

Stella Stark Art & Fashion will train any mind healthy habits of pure, sober mind, ready to work and celebrate. Art, word, and fashion brought up together to form new memories of happy holidays. “Not a Drop” Sober holidays gifts are available now. Take advantage of Sober Carry-Ons and

Not a Drop Backpack. The Prize Inside.

Sober Mind Art Backpack is a designer bag – a party on the go. Inspired by My Luxurious Mind art show that created a sober culture for all of us.
Not a Drop Sober Holidays Carry On Backpack

When you have everything, what is on your mind? Beauty and Health.
Not a Drop Sober Mind Hand Bag

Light, strong and comfortable bag will take a weight off your shoulders.
Not a Drop Base Layer for Girls
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